posted by Joanna Mah on April 13, 2010


it's a horrible day.
i acted horribly and i feel horrible.

not that i want to act horribly, but some people just treat me horribly. how come i always get the youre too young treatment. i think people have and will always take me for granted. 
i'm not welcomed in a lot of places and i know it. what makes it worst is that some people know it and dont care about it. 

i get it, im too young, im too childish, im too insignificant. i dont like it when you take me for granted and jump into conclusions about how or what i feel. I too am human and i want to be treated like how you treat everyone else. just because im always caught up in or with something doesn't give you the right to say that i am always wrong and you know more than me. you are older than me but please dont make me feel small. you are older than me but don't make me feel inferior to you. that is why im afraid around you, because people around you have more to talk with than me who apparently knows nothing at all.


posted by Joanna Mah on February 9, 2010


how do you tell someone what you really think and feel without ruining something special? Don't want to stoop down that low just to say what i feel. bothering, yet it just won't come out of my mouth.


posted by Joanna Mah on January 16, 2010

my time machine.

Do you think time passes uber fast?

yea, me too. i know what my new year resolution create a time machine and stop time, or at least add 5 more hours so i can get some sleep and still finish my work. 

i miss the kids =( 
did i tell you someone though i was a mother to one of the kids at the center? do i look that OLD??!!


posted by Joanna Mah on January 14, 2010

I'm going to die faster..

Hi, it's me. I've arrived safely in year 2010, though I'm two weeks late.

Doesn't feel like a new year, no typical reflection of the past and resolution for the future. Why? Cause I was too busy trying to fit time for myself in my busy schedule of internship all the way till the 31st.
Now that I've finally arrived in 2010, i am officially back to the usual lifestyle that i predict will kill me earlier. 

Let me lay down the bricks...
1. I finally reached the big 2-oh!..Im not young anymore, how sad is that.
2. I finally reached the last leg of the degree. I'm starting my final year thesis 
     next semester.
3. I went a little to ambitious and took 5 subjects: Professional Development, 
    Ethics, Philosophy of Psych, Research Design and Analysis and Counseling 
4. I am taking 4 year 3 subjects with a lot of field work.
5. I have to plan for a fundraising and a camp as part of coursework.
6. My classes are all back to back straight with no breaks.
7. My due dates for major assignments start as early as 2nd of February.
8. It's good that I have to see a counselor as part of coursework because I really 
     need one now.
9. I'm still involved in CF as secretary, Student Council as Secretary of 
    Events Dep., working for scholarship, Unifest 10' and musical as one of the 
10. Due to my back problems, I have to see a physiotherapist and get an X-ray 
      done next week.

There you have it. Top 10 Jojo facts for Year 2010 month January to April!
Did i not tell you i resolute a bad year?


posted by Joanna Mah on December 19, 2009

resolute a bad year.

somethings not right, or maybe it's just the mood swings.

everyday's gloomy, so maybe im gloomy too.

what is wrong with me?

i believe next year is not going to be a good year for me, how pessimistic. while everyone else is busy making new year resolutions, i resolute that next year will be tough and bad.

no kidding, i seriously do.

but it won't be bad because i know i'll get something out of it. oh wells.

i'll spent the last days of this year working till the end, unlike other years where you take it slow when it reaches the end. i'll zoom till the end and zoom straight to next year. heck, i have so many things to do i have things lined up right to the last week of the year and the first week of next year.

yippeee. i want my holiday =(

im a sad sad person, emo-ish, a little freakish, and a mood spoiler.


posted by Joanna Mah on November 9, 2009

terrifying, horrifying, excitifying.

will be attending UCSI's International Education Conference (INEC) this thursday. They are organizing this conference for people to come present their papers and stuff. 

and another guess what?

09.45 am - 12.00 pm
Parallel Session 1
Paper / Location 11.00 am - 12.00 pm
Ballroom Section 1 (Teaching & Learning)
Irene Tan
Christine Wong
An Exploration of African Students in Malaysia.
Muhammed Yusuf
Memorization as a Learning Style: A
Balance Approach to Academic Excellence.
  Ballroom Section 2 (Academic Development) 
  Fatemeh Parasteh Ghombavani 
  Mohd Ibrahim bin Nazri
  Mohammed Sadegh Bijandi
  Role of Higher Education Policy in Empowering the International Universities   Academic Staff.

  Joanna Mah
  Kho Carmen

  International Differences in Moral Reasoning.
tada! Joanna Mah and Kho Carmen was accepted to present their paper in a nerve wrecking conference. Intimidating because we are one of the two papers written by undergraduates. 

I am officially terrified of presenting. 

good day!


Monday not-so-blues...

guess what? 
one week of kids and i fell sick twice. still recuperating from the last high fever. hence, the wonderful rainy Monday because its a holiday! we have been duly paid for our OverTime, hardwork, instant deadlines and lack of sleep by a perfect Monday holiday. perfect for my recuperation rest too.

and i would also like to apologize to boyfie for falling sick the special day.
im sorryy....

its been an amazing run, 
thank you for taking care of me,
and being there for me,
waiting for 8 months,
and the faithful 7th november.

thank you for my very first valentine,
my very first birthday party,
my very first flower,
my very first big teddy!,
my very first pillow,
and getting to serve alongside you.

and thank you for teman-ing me yesterday when i was sick, though you had to sit there and just watch tv on the bed. Haha. 

thank you, love you and happy 1 year! or 20 months? gahh, whichever lar.

happy 1 year!