posted by Joanna Mah on April 13, 2010


it's a horrible day.
i acted horribly and i feel horrible.

not that i want to act horribly, but some people just treat me horribly. how come i always get the youre too young treatment. i think people have and will always take me for granted. 
i'm not welcomed in a lot of places and i know it. what makes it worst is that some people know it and dont care about it. 

i get it, im too young, im too childish, im too insignificant. i dont like it when you take me for granted and jump into conclusions about how or what i feel. I too am human and i want to be treated like how you treat everyone else. just because im always caught up in or with something doesn't give you the right to say that i am always wrong and you know more than me. you are older than me but please dont make me feel small. you are older than me but don't make me feel inferior to you. that is why im afraid around you, because people around you have more to talk with than me who apparently knows nothing at all.

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my little secret for you said...

I dont know what have happend but I have learn alot of my past that people who treat other people horrible Is them who Is the one who dont feel good and who Is the weak and need to make other people more weaker then that person are..

You are strong and dont let people make you feel horrible.. and this with been older.. a person told me that you are what you make of it..

Btw great blog..

joven said...

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Anonymous said...

i have felt that way too
its like everyone else know more than u do, like they feel the right of treat u like a child when they dont realize that you are not anymore, my parents still try to control everything in my life, like I dont know what i want or whats the best for me, they are just not helping, i hate that

joven said...

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